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Student Accounts Department

The Student Accounts Department is responsible for the financial administration of all student billing related to tuition, room, board, and fees. Our office provides students with the ability to sign up for payment plans. We counsel students on their student account and help to resolve questions regarding their balance due. And much more!

Students can make a payment or enroll in a payment plan by visiting the Student Account Center.  

Parents or guardians wishing to access the Student Account Center must receive authorization from their student via the Student Account Center Authorized User Section.

Student Account Center is a secure, 24/7 online service that allows students/authorized users to: 

  • Pay tuition, fees, room, and board
  • Make housing deposits by webcheck
  • Make Flexi deposits by webcheck*
  • Set-up authorized users for secure third-party access
  • Enroll in a payment plan
  • Schedule future payments
  • Sign-up to have refunds directly deposited into your bank account
  • View your monthly statement

Download a copy of our Student Account Center User Guide for more information regarding the Student Account Center and how to use its various features.

* Flexi deposits can be made by credit card by visiting the 
Onecard website and going into Manage Your Onecard Online site.

If you have a credit on your student account as a result of financial aid, you may use all or part of that credit to purchase Flexi dollars by sending an email to