Regulatory Compliance

Institutional Compliance Policy

Institutional compliance at Loyola Marymount University is the responsibility of all employees and is conducted by a number of different departments with oversight of specific regulations pertaining to their particular roles and responsibilities. Departmental staff are responsible for identifying additional compliance regulations applicable to their areas as they are promulgated.

The University has established the Regulatory Compliance Committee chaired by the University Risk Manager to coordinate the University’s compliance activities. The Committee has created a data base to help manage the many compliance regulations or requirements at LMU and to monitor continued compliance. The Committee will assign Compliance Owners, provide training when necessary, and make recommendations for additional resources if needed. This framework helps connect and coordinate the different compliance owners ensuring that compliance is an integral part of the University’s culture. This framework also ensures that the institutional perspective is always present as we continue to fulfill our legal and ethical obligations to each other and to agencies/persons outside LMU with whom we interact.

Regulatory Compliance Committee Members


  • Doug Moore, Chair of University Risk Management
  • Maureen Cassidy, Director of Internal Auditing
  • Sharon Elenbaas, Director of Post Award Administration and Accounting
  • Caroline Wilhelm, Associate Treasurer


  • Francesca Piumetti, Associate Dean of Students/Chief Judicial Officer
  • Daniel Smith, Associate Athletic Director of Internal Operations


  • Sara Trivedi, EEO Officer of Human Resources
  • David Meske, Director of Information Security & Compliance 


  • Maureen Weatherall, VP for Enrollment Management
  • John Carfora, Associate VP for Research Advancement & Compliance


  • Kristi Wade, Sr. Director of University Relations Services


  • Matthew Riojas, Esq., Director of Student Affairs

SFTV Compliance Paperwork