Merchant Letter & Application

Dear Merchant,

We are pleased that you are interested in participating in the Loyola Marymount University OneCard Community Flexi‐Dollar program. This program offers an easy way for our students to make purchases at your business.

All students (6000 undergraduate & 2200 graduate), and approximately 2000 faculty and staff carry the LMU OneCard during their time at the University. The OneCard serves as their ID card, meal card, dorm access card, library card and, instead of using cash at facilities all over campus, as a debit card. The students make deposits to their Flexi‐Dollar account with cash, check or credit card. In addition, parents may make deposits by mail and on the Internet. These "Flexi‐Dollar" deposits total nearly two million per school year. Applications include food services, bookstore, copy machines, laundry, vending machines, and off‐campus merchants and so on.

The LMU OneCard merchant program is an "on‐line" card system virtually the same as a debit card. When a card is swiped the cardholder's Flexi‐Dollar account is verified real‐time. Participating merchants will be able to allow students, faculty and staff to use their LMU OneCard to make purchases using their Flexi‐Dollar accounts.

We have partnered with Blackboard's BbOne team Campus Cash to run this program. BbOne currently works with over 100 colleges and universities in assisting their off‐campus merchant programs. They bring years of experience to our relationship resulting in a number of enhanced services:

  • Daily payment via direct deposit (ACH)
  • 24/7 toll‐free merchant support
  • Free online account access and detailed monthly reporting

Merchants will be provided with a ethernet credit card type reader/printer. The connection to the LMU OneCard system is made by swiping the Onecard through the reader just as they would a credit card via hardline connection. Programming of the reader is done by BbOne.

  • Costs for the Verifone reader:
    • Purchase the Reader: One-Time fee $650.00
    • Monthly Rental: $25.00 per month
    • Percentage: 9% of all sales per month

Payment or reimbursement of sales and collection of commission or any other miscellaneous fees are done via ACH electronic transfer by BbOne/Eagle Processing.

The merchant is included in the marketing and promotional literature that is distributed on a regular basis to both students and parents.

Thank you and we look forward to a productive partnership. Please complete the application below to begin the process.

Fill out my online form.