All outgoing transactions must take place at the Business Center.

Payment Methods: Flexi-Dollars, Check, Debit Cards, Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)


ServiceCut-Off Time
FedEx 2:30 pm
UPS 3:15 pm
USPS 3:15 pm

Note: We cannot process any package after its carrier deadline. Please anticipate the potential time necessary for waiting in line and processing.

We accept pre-processed shipments through other carriers, however you must provide all documentation and contact the carrier to pickup from our Shipping & Receiving department in advance. Additionally we do not accept pre-paid UPS shipments. Any such shipments can be droppped of at one of the UPS dropboxes on campus, or at a UPS store. 


  • We cannot ship any international packages weighing over 1 pound through the U.S. Postal Service.
  • We cannot ship any international non-documents.  If you are trying to ship a package or commodity overseas you will have to post it through an official courier outlet.
  • We cannot ship to any packages weighing over 1 pound to a military address (APO/FPO).
  • All outgoing mail weighing over 16 ounces MUST bear a return address.