Definition of a "Package"

The Distribution Center defines "packages" to include items that:

  1. Have a tracking number assigned to them
  2. Are larger than the size of our campus mailboxes
  3. Have "DO NOT BEND" or other markings to indicate that they should not be placed in a mailbox
  4. A collection of unclaimed mail that is too large to fit in a campus box, deemed an "overflow" of mail.

All packages are held at our Mail Service Counter on the first floor of University Hall in Suite 1100 (Campus Business Services), except during the first three weeks of the fall semester, where they are held at the Distribution Center (University Hall, Suite 800, P2 level).

Notification Slips & Valid Identification

When student packages arrive you will receive a package notification slip in your mailbox. Bring this slip and your One Card with you to the location stated on the slip to pick up your package. Temporary One Cards or identification without a photo are not acceptable.

Improper Addressing

A package that arrives with an incorrect address, partial address, without a campus box number, or with a name different than the box number listed on the package will not be ready for pickup until after 3:00 p.m., at the earliest, of the afternoon it arrives, if a recipient can be determined. The Distribution Center will attempt to contact a possible recipient once, if a recipient can be determined. If a recipient cannot be determined the package will be held at the Mail Service Counter for 30 days after it arrives. If the item is unclaimed after 30 days the item will be returned to its sender, if possible.

Our Return Policy

A package will be held for three weeks after its arrival date. After three weeks the package will be returned to its sender, if possible. The Distribution Center is not liable for any charges accrued for the return of a package. You will receive a second notice two weeks after a package arrives warning you that you have one week to pick up the package.

Oversized Packages

Oversized packages may be held at the Distribution Center (University Hall, Suite 800, P2 level) for pick up. Pick up hours at the Distribution Center are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Your package notification slip will indicate the location where the package is being held.

Perishable Packages

Packages that have markings indicating that they contain perishable items are held at the Distribution Center until 4:30 p.m. the day they arrive. Our department will call you if your phone number is registered with the Housing or Registrar's office, in addition to placing a Package Notification Slip in your mailbox, to notify you that you have a perishable item to pick up.

Flowers and Perishable Deliveries

Floral and perishable item deliveries are held for pickup at the Mail Service Counter (University Hall, Suite 1100, 1st floor). We will attempt to call you as soon as the package arrives. You will receive a phone call by the morning after a floral or perishable delivery has been made. We will hold flowers for three weeks before disposing of them.