Definition of a "Package"

The Distribution Center defines "packages" to include items that are specifically shipped with a tracking number assigned to them.

All packages are held in either the Distribution Center or the Packcity Parcel Lockers. You will receive a notification email if you have mail, a package in the Distribution Center, or a package in the parcel locker system. Please pay close attention to the email you receive to know where to go.

Valid Photo Identification

One Cards are the preferred form of photo identification, but other valid forms include driver's licenses, state-issued IDs, and passports. Data collected from your identication serves as proof of delivery. Pictures of photo identification are not acceptable, nor are recitations of university ID numbers.

Improper Addressing

A package that arrives with an incorrect address, partial address, without a campus box number, or with a name different than the box number listed on the package will incur delays about receipt by the university as we attempt to ascertian the recipient. If a recipient cannot be determined the package will be held for 30 days after it arrives. If the item is unclaimed after 30 days the item will be returned to its sender, if possible.

Our Return Policy

A package will be held for 1 month after its arrival date. After that time period the package will be returned to its sender, if possible. The Distribution Center is not liable for any charges accrued for the return of a package. You will receive a second notice two weeks after a package arrives warning you of the deadline to pick up the package.

Grocery Services

Due to limited capacity and environment capabilities we are unable to receive and store grocery service deliveries. All grocery packages will refused upon arrival.

Flowers and Perishable Deliveries

Floral and perishable item deliveries are logged in as such and will be placed inside a temperature controlled environment. Due to their short shelf life, such items will be discarded if they are not picked up within 2 weeks of their arrival.