Bulk Mail Preparation

What is Bulk Mail?

The term "bulk mail" refers to larger quantities of mail prepared for mailing at reduced postage. Also referred to as Presorted Mail, Business Mail, or Commercial Mail

Reduced Postage is not granted as a quantity discount, but rather as a work-sharing discount.

LMU Bulk Mail addresses and prepares its mailings in such a way that helps the USPS to reduce its own processing and delivery costs. These cost savings are then passed on to LMU as postage discounts.

The savings in postage may be significant but the highly detailed presort process is strictly regulated to ensure that presorted mailings are fully compatible with USPS operations.

How can we help you?

With over 25 years of commercial mail experience, LMU Bulk Mail's staff is equipped to assist with issues ranging from mail piece design compliance to effective production planning.

Please contact LMU Bulk Mail at 310-338-5197 or lortiz@lmu.edu in advance for pricing and preparation of bulk mailings.