Mail Distribution Center

For Distribution Center Covid Operations & Updates, click HERE

We now offer an in-house tracking system to provide customers with the ability to chck their package status on campus.  Please visit SCLIntra and make an account.  From there you can search by tracking number or through your own personal history.  

NOTE: If you are looking for a department package, please use the tracking number look-up function to locate it. 


Mail Distribution Center
1 LMU Dr, Uhall 800
(University Hall, P-2 Level)
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Operating Hours: M-F, 7:30am - 4:00pm

Phone: (310) 338-2763

Mail Service Counter

Handles letter mail for on-campus students, campus box information, and all personal postage transactions. Acceptable payment options include checks, FLEXI dollars, credit cards, and debit cards. Cash and electronic currency is not currently accepted. While the Mail Service Counter is closed, please contact the Distribution Center direclty to coordinate a time to purchase postage. 

Campus Business Center
1 LMU Dr, Uhall 1100
(East Side of University Hall, 1st floor)
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Operating Hours:  Closed until further notice

Phone: (310) 338-3797

Shipping and Receiving

Handles all incoming packages. Also handles outgoing UPS and FedEx shipments. (310) 338-2763

Process UPS shipments online using UPS CampusShip.

Mail Distribution

Handles all incoming mail, delivery changes for departments, and intracampus mass mailing distribution. (310) 258-8789

Bulk Mail Services

Handles database manipulation, address printing, and mail preparation for mass mailing fulfillment. Is CASS certified. (310) 338-5197

Mail Processing

Prepares all outgoing mail and packages for pickup by the US Postal Service. (310) 338-5198