Student Housing Fees 2019/2020

Desmond, Doheny, Whelan, Rosecrans, Huesman and Sullivan Halls Fall:  $5,187.50   Spring:  $5,187.50
McKay Hall Fall:  $5,390.00   Spring:  $5,390.00
McCarthy and Rains Halls Fall:  $5,555.00   Spring:  $5,555.00
Del Rey North, Del Rey South Fall:  $5,187.50   Spring:  $5,187.50
Hannon Apartments Fall:  $6,890.00   Spring:  $5,815.00
Tenderich Apartments Fall:  $6,806.00   Spring:  $5,744.00
O'Malley, Leavey IV, V & VI Apartments Fall:  $6,890.00   Spring:  $5,815.00
Playa Del Oro (Graduate Students Only) Fall: $10,950.00   Spring: $10,950.00

These are standard housing rates; additional cost may be associated with non-standard living accommodations. Please refer to your housing license agreement for the applicable rates for special accommodations. Please visit the Student Housing Office website for more information.