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We encourage you to take your time browsing this training resource to familiarize yourself with the Getting Started Guide and the Demonstration of Concur Travel and Expense. We are currently developing custom training plans including in-person trainings and online video tutorials. Please regularly refer to the official Concur website for additional information.

Concur Essential Training Sign Up

Concur Essential Live Training  is a 2 hour training and demonstration covering the basics of all things Concur. Topics include the explanation of Expense Reporting, Invoice Processing, and Cash Advance/Requests. Sign up to gain knowledge of the University‚Äôs automated accounts payable workflow system.

Logging In/Home Page

Creating Invoices


Creating Expense Reports

Using Special Features

Submitting Expense Reports

Managing Receipts

Approving Expense Reports


Creating Travel Requests

Creating Cash Advances

Using Concur Mobile