Getting Started

Concur Invoice and Expense is now available to process invoices/requisitions and employee expense reimbursements. The service is mandatory for all invoice, travel and expense transactions effective immediately.

Concur Access

You can access Concur in two ways:

  • Click this link to access Concur Invoice and Expense: Bookmark the login page in your browser to make it easy to launch the service; or
  • Log in to MyLMU > System Logins > Concur

Your login information is your regular network credentials.

P-card Transactions

All September P-card transactions will continue on the old process with reconciliation happening on PaymentNet. P-card transactions will begin to flow into Concur with purchases made beginning October 1, 2015.

Update Your Profile

Before using Concur Travel and Expense for the first time, you should review and update your profile settings by clicking the Profile link at the top of the My Concur page and clicking Profile Settings.

  • Verify your email address so you can start emailing your electronic receipts to (Profile > Profile Settings > email addresses (under your information). This will allow all receipts emailed to the address above to be associated with your Concur account and maintained in your Available receipts library within Concur.
  • Update email notifications and other preferences in Request Preferences, Invoice Preferences and Expense Preferences.
  • Set delegates (as applicable).
  • Set favorite attendees (as applicable).

Mobile Registration

If you would like to use the mobile capability of Concur, you may download the mobile application to your smart phone or tablet. Download the Mobile Registration - Getting Started Guide for instructions.‌

Invoice Central Scanning Service (Invoice only)

For those who submit invoices (not paid by P-card), you may take advantage of the invoice central scanning service. Vendors can send invoices directly to this central service so that your invoices can be scanned and uploaded to Concur without you having to manually do it. Once the invoice is scanned by this service, it will be sitting in your queue waiting to be processed with half of the information already pre-populated for you (i.e. amount, invoice #, invoice date, etc.). However, you should make sure your vendor includes the appropriate Attention to on the invoice so the system will know where to send the invoice to.

Download the Vendor Communication for Central Invoice Scanning for communication you may send to your vendors for instructions to use the service.‌

Download the Central Invoice Scanning Best Practices as a tool for use with the invoice scanning service.‌

Training and Help

Click Help on the My Concur page. Within Help, you can view a training demonstration or use the Help feature. You can also take a look at the training videos here.