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General Information

Concur Quick User Guides

These are quick instruction sheets to help guide you through the processes and functions in the Expense, Invoice and Request modules of Concur:

Concur User Manuals

These user manuals provide more detailed information to help guide you through the processes and functions in the Expense, Invoice and Request modules of Concur:

AP Employee Reimbursement Setup Form
This replaces the Direct Deposit Form and is used to set-up employees who request reimbursement through Accounts Payable (AP) within the AP payment system. If an employee receives this exception note in Concur: "Supplier ID does not exist for this employee", the employee will need to complete this form and submit it to Accounts Payable. Once Accounts Payable has set the employee up within Oracle, the employee will then be able to submit an expense report.

Vendor ACH Payment Enrollment Setup Form
Vendors have the option to opt in on receiving ACH payments which eliminates the wait time on retrieving funds as well as staying mindful of the environment by eliminating paper usage. Once completed, the form must be submitted to Accounts Payable. The vendor will receive an email from our third party processor, Paymerang, with a link where they can securely and confidentially enter their bank information.

Concur Access Setup Form
The Concur Access Setup Form for temps and students allow applicable access when granted. It is important to indicate system effective start and end dates. Training can be found on Concurs homepage under "Company Notes".

Awards/Prizes/Gifts Informational Form
This is an informational form to be completed and attached as support within Concur if any awards/prizes/gifts are being provided to individuals. This form assists Accounts Payable to track and determine taxability of an award, prize, or gift.

Mobile Registration - Getting Started Guide
If you would like to use the Concur mobile app, this guide assists you in how to register and sign-in to Concur on your mobile device.


Expense Account Code Matrix
This chart is a useful reference tool for looking up the account code associated with a specific expense type and expense purpose.

Expense Purpose Descriptions
This document provides descriptions of the different expense purposes for reference.


Invoice Naming Conventions

This document provides invoice number naming conventions for request for payments that contain no invoice number.

Invoice Type Descriptions
This document allows you to differentiate between invoice types to properly process an invoice under the appropriate category.

Vendor Communication for Central Invoice Scanning
For those who submit invoices (not paid by P-card), you may take advantage of the invoice central scanning service. Vendors can send invoices directly to this central service so that your invoices can be scanned and uploaded to Concur without you having to manually do it. You can use this document to send to your vendors to inform them about this new invoice submittal procedure. Be sure your vendor includes the appropriate Attention to on the invoice so the system will know where to send the invoice to.

Central Invoice Scanning Best Practices
This document provides you with the new invoice submittal protocol for your vendors. You may utilize it to effectively communicate to your vendors the new change in procedures for invoice submittal.