What will I use Concur for?

Concur is used for tracking and reconciling employee travel, P-card (travel and non-travel), and reimbursable out-of-pocket expenses. Concur is used for anything that is processed through Accounts Payable. All other processes and forms such as BCRs, reclassifications, ITS requests remain the same.

Do I have to use Concur?

Yes. It will be necessary to use Concur to track and reconcile all travel, P-card, and reimbursable out-of-pocket expenses.

How will I access Concur?

You can access Concur in two ways:

  • Click this link to access Concur Invoice and Expense: concur.lmu.edu. Bookmark the login page in your browser to make it easy to launch the service; or
  • Log in to myLMU > System Logins > CONCUR

Can I log in to Concur from any computer?

Yes. You can log in to Concur from any computer and also through mobile applications.

What browsers/operating systems are supported?

Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari are all supported by Concur. If you are having issues with the browser please ensure that you have updated your browser to the latest version.

Which module do I need to use?

There are three modules within Concur. The module you will use will depend on the type of transaction you would like to process.

  • Invoice: For those who submit invoices or requisitions to Accounts Payable for payment to non-employees.
  • Expense: For those who use P-cards and/or request employee reimbursements.
  • Request: For those that are required to request permission for travel or request a cash advance.

What does the total amount in the meals expense type represent?

Total amount is the total bill paid including taxes and tips. It is essentially what you are requesting to be reimbursed for.

Do I need to update my personal information?

No, you do not need to update any of the personal information. However, you should verify your email address so that you can email your electronic receipts to receipts@concur.com and have those receipts maintained in your Available receipts library within Concur.

What is the process to return funds to the University?

If you are returning funds to the University because you are returning a cash advance or inadvertently charged a personal expense on your P-card, you will need to complete a cashier deposit form. The cashier deposit form is located on the Controller's website in myLMU. The account number on the deposit form should be 11-2-00000-81040-1233. Please be descriptive on what the funds relate to, including the expense report name and date and the transaction date. See sample below.

What do I do if I have a fraud transaction on my P-card?

  1. Immediately report the fraudulent charge(s) to JPMorgan Chase at the number on the back of your card. Prolonging a dispute may delay the credit process.
    • Complete a Fraud Affidavit if requested by the bank.
    • You will need to provide the following information:
      • Your name and account number
      • The dollar amount of the suspected error
      • Date of fraudulent transaction
      • Reasoning of unauthorized charge
  2. In Concur:
    • Add the transaction(s) to your current months Expense report.
    • Indicate in the “Business Purpose” that the following charge is a “Fraud” transaction.
    • Missing Receipt Affidavits are not to be submitted for fraudulent transactions.
    • Upload a Word document in place of a receipt stating:
      • The following charge is a fraud transaction. JPMC has been notified on DD/MM/YY
      • List all fraudulent charges, if applicable
    • Use “Office Supplies” as the Expense Type.
    • Disputed charges may take 7-15 business days for the credit to appear on the account; depending on vendor, merchant, and overall determination and validation of fraudulent charge.
    • The credit is to be added in the current Expense report for that month.
      • Code to “Office Supplies”.
      • Specified “Fraud Credit” in “Business Purpose”.
      • Attach any credit documentation, if applicable.

    How often should I submit an expense report?

    An expense report must be submitted once a month at a minimum if you have activity for that month. If you have a high volume of transactions it may be submitted more frequently (no more than 2 times a month). Please consolidate your expense transactions (all P-card and out of pocket) and submit a report once or twice a month. Not only does this reduce steps for the preparer and approver, it saves the University money since there is a cost associated per report submission.

    Do I still need to keep and/or submit the original paper receipts?

    You no longer need to submit paper receipts. However, it is strongly recommended that you keep your original receipts until your expense report has been processed all the way through. Your department may have additional requirements related to receipts. Please consult with your department.

    I have a red exception flag and resolved the exception but the flag won't go away. What am I doing wrong?

    The exception flags are based on actions triggers such as clicking Save or Submit. Once you resolve your exception, either re-click save or re-submit in order for the flag to go away.

    What is the company code single sign on for mobile?


    Do I still need to print the monthly P-card statement and submit to Accounts Payable?


    I'm trying to delegate approver authority to an employee but I cannot find his/her name. What should I do?

    Please contact your budget manager to have that delegate be assigned an approver role.

    How do I handle a hotel deposit that I reserved months in advance and have not stayed there yet?

    In the hotel expense type to select one night and the amount will be the total deposit.

    Do I still need to complete a hardcopy requisition form?

    You do not need to complete a requisition form as it relates to Concur. However, other departments may still require a requisition form to be completed such as ITS and parking. Please consult those departments.

    Can I attach the W-9 with the Invoice?

    Please do not attach the W-9 with the invoice. Rather, upload the W-9 to the vendor profile. If the W-9 contains confidential information such as social security please do not upload this form. Instead please send the hardcopy form to Accounts Payable or email to ap@lmu.edu using an encrypted email.

    I am having problems logging into Concur. What do I do?

    Please submit an ITS ticket with a screen shot of the error message when you try to log in.

    What do I do with a non-reimbursable item?

    You will have to itemize the specific charge and select the non-reimbursable/personal expense type.

    What if I buy items for the office along with my own personal items in one out-of-pocket transaction?

    In this case there is no need to itemize, rather you can highlight the items you bought for the office on your receipt and only enter the amount of those items that you need reimbursement for in the expense entry.

    When will my P-card transactions show up in Concur?

    Normally it takes about 2-3 days for a transaction to show up in Concur after the card has been charged. It may take longer, if the vendor is small and taking the charge slips to their bank manually.

    What is the schedule of AP Checks and what time does my transaction have to be completed to be picked up by the next check run?

    AP is still issuing checks each Wednesday. The Concur request must be in the Accounts Payable queue (Status should be AP Review) by 5:00pm PST Wednesday for the payment to be issued the following Wednesday.

    If a Student's/Vendor's address has been changed, what do I do?

    If you do not see the correct name and address combination in Concur, you may request a new vendor as well as a new vendor address. When updating an address, in the invoice module, click on "Request New Vendor". Enter the information for the vendor and select "New/Update Address" in the "Vendor Request Type" drop down. Enter the existing vendor number in the "Existing Vendor Code". When updating an address a W9 will not be required.