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OneCard Image Fall 2018
Campus Business Services | OneCard

Get Your LMU|LA OneCard!

All persons must come to the CBS|OneCard Office in person and present proper identification for card issuance. Note that the initial card is free. For more information, select your appropriate status category from the choices below.

Before a OneCard can be issued, all applicants must:

  1. Present a valid picture ID (Driver's License, State ID card, Military ID, or Passport)
  2. Have been issued a University ID number (UID Lookup)
  3. Be entered into the OneCard Bb System via the HR or Banner interface process
  • TAP IT !!

    The new OneCard will allow you to TAP and Swipe. There are many locations around campus that you can TAP the card. Try it when you purchase your food or when you need to wash your clothes.

  • What's New

    eAccounts & Mobile Apps

    Welcome to the New Loyola Marymount University - OneCard deposit site. You will be able to check balances on your meal plan, community table points, Flexi Dollars and Network Printing. If you lost your OneCard then you can report the card as Lost/Stolen under Deactivate Lost Card.

    Click on the eAccounts to take you to the Login screen. From the login screen, you will be able to log in to your account with your MYLMU credentials. As a guest, you do not have to log in, but you will need to know the university ID number of the student. .

    The mobile app will allow you very busy students to check your accounts on the go between classes. Download the eAccounts from the Apple Store or the Google Store and then choose 'Loyola Marymount University'.

    Note: All functions will not work in the mobile app. However, you can also use the full site on your phones' browser.

    Guest Deposits

    If you are only going to deposit money, or a family member is going to deposit money into your account; they do not need to log in. They just need to have your University ID number and click on the green button 'Make a guest deposit'.

  • LMU OneCard

    All Students, Faculty and Staff are given an LMU OneCard when arriving at LMU. This card is used as their ID Card as well as their Library card and Door Access Card. The first card is free – lost/stolen cards will incur a fee.

  • Student OneCards

    Once registered, students will come to the Campus Business Services office in the Von Der Ahe Building Lower Level to sign the OneCard Contract, have your picture taken and have your OneCard printed. Students currently holding an LMU OneCard who are not yet registered for classes or have dropped all classes, will have their OneCard suspended and unavailable for use in the OneCard system until registered for classes.

  • Faculty OneCards

    New faculty members will have their information sent to OneCard from HR. Faculty must have at least one class as showing scheduled by the Registrar's office in Banner. This generates the University ID number, which is mandatory for issuing an LMU OneCard. Other faculty must have a OneCard Authorization Form filled out and signed by a designated authorized HR representative and/or department director/chairperson/dean/manager etc.

  • Staff OneCards

    All new staff (full or part-time; permanent or temporary) members will have their information sent to OneCard from HR. Other Staff must have a OneCard Authorization Form filled out and signed by a designated authorized HR representative, who also issues the LMU ID number.

  • LMU Contract Vendors

    LMU contract vendors (on or off-campus) must have the OneCard Authorization Form signed by the appropriate department director/V.P./manager who contracts them. The OneCard office will issue University ID Numbers for these vendors.

    All others are reviewed on a case by case basis, with the appropriate department director/VP authorizing the reason for the card.

  • Obtaining a OneCard

    All persons getting a OneCard for the first time must present a government issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport. To obtain your OneCard, come to the Campus Business Services office in the Von Der Ahe Building, lower level, and bring the OneCard Authorization Form if appropriate. You will sign the OneCard contract, present your ID, and have your picture taken. Your OneCard will normally be ready in about 5 minutes or less.

  • What is a OneCard Needed For?

    Not only is the OneCard your LMU ID card, but it is also your library card, meal card and door access card key.

    As a debit card, it can be used for purchases at a number of places on campus including:

    • The Bookstore
    • Laundry machines
    • Vending machines
    • Copy centers
    • All food and dining services
    • Mail Distribution Center
    • Recreation Center
    • Ticket Kiosk
    • Access to LMU athletic events, computer labs, and Burns Rec Center.

    Many off-campus merchants have also accept payment using Flexi-dollars on your OneCard. These include restaurants, service stations, clothing stores, and more!