LMU content comes from DirecTV, but it's already decoded when it reaches LMU users' TVs. No set top box is required for each TV.

TiVo and other DVR companies often say "You need a card to decode the DirecTV signal." However, that doesn't help because the signal is already decoded. The "card" TiVo is talking about performs the same functions as the "set top box" you would have at home. However, the signals to LMU TVs are already decoded. So anyone can plug any TV into one of our cable TV outlets and get a clear signal for all our channels.

In the case of users TV, each user needs to program their TV so that the TV knows what channels are out there. TiVo and other DVRs probably have to do the same thing.

If you are talking to TiVo (or other DVR) support, you need to tell them our signal is already decoded and no "card" is necessary.

LMU has no expertise on campus for setting up TiVo or other DVRs. Please contact your manufacturer for assistance in setting up your unit – given the information above.