How do I request a Certificate of Insurance?

Forward your contract/agreement to Risk Management along with your completed Request for a Certificate of Insurance form.

Who needs to be in the LMU/DMV Pull Program?

Anyone that has a business-related need to drive a university-owned cart or vehicle. This includes those that use their personal vehicle for university business. Your supervisor will make this determination.

What are the insurance requirements for an off-campus vendor?

LMU's insurance requirements are 1m/3m and the vendor must name LMU as an Additional Insured.

Can volunteers drive university-owned vehicles?

This must be addressed on a case by case basis with the University Risk Manager.

Can student athletes drive other students to LMU-sanctioned events?

Student athletes can drive other students to LMU-sanctioned events but a copy of their auto insurance must be submitted to Risk Mgmt. for approval and they must be currently enrolled in the LMU/DMV Pull Program. Students must also sign a waiver of release and submit this waiver to Risk Mgmt.

Are all contracts vetted by Risk Management and signed by the Sr. Vice President/CFO?

Yes, this is a requirement of all contracts regardless of length, value, or content.