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We are pleased to announce that the University and Law School will begin using a new timecard/payroll system called myTime. myTime will replace the current process and provide a web based tool for entering daily hours worked and submitting bi-weekly timesheets electronically.

The transition to the new payroll system will occur as follows:

  • Pay period December 26, 2011 – January 7, 2012
  • Pay date is January 13, 2012.

The new myTime systems will provide:

  • A solution that unifies payroll and human resources data which is more adaptable to LMU’s complex timekeeping and payroll needs such as, multiple approvers at an entry level, workflow for timekeeping functions, and grant tracking capabilities at the supervisor level.
  • A solution that has stronger capabilities to support compliance with state and federal wage and hour laws and regulations and University policies.
  • Customized tutorial guides imbedded in the timecard and workflow capabilities around timecard approvals that support business processes and create efficiencies and more ways to input time into the timekeeping system.
  • A more robust internal control environment that significantly decreases manual processes; thus, substantially reducing the “human” element of errors and providing greater visibility of timecards for all students assigned to supervisors.

Letter from the Controller to the Graduate Student Supervisors



New Pay Cycle for Student Employees

As LMU payroll transitions to an integrated payroll and human resource system, pay dates and pay cycles will change for Westchester Campus students from semi-monthly to bi-weekly. This transition to a new, standardized payroll processing period will allow students to receive their paychecks on the same days as staff are paid at LMU. Loyola Law School students are already on a bi-weekly payroll cycle. Please click here for additional information.



If you did not receive notification or missed your assigned session, there are make-up sessions available between Wednesday, December 14 and Tuesday, December 20. These sessions are hands-on, instructor-led sessions that will cover technical aspect on how to use the system.

After myTime goes live on December 25, if you have technical questions, stop by one of the drop-in sessions to get your questions answered. For additional information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.


Training on the timekeeping system has started November 1, 2011. Staff has been assigned to one session based on employment status, supervisory role, and campus location. Any staff who supervise student will be trained first, then the students, then the rest of the staff. Faculty approvers training is under planning.

Undergraduate students workshops took place between November 14 and November 18. Graduate students workshops were offered on December 2 and December 5. Additional sessions will be available after the winter break. Please check the Students section above for make-up sessions and drop-in schedule.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions‌ (FAQ).