OneCard Account Types

Flexi Dollars

With Flexi Dollars you can make transactions in the Bookstore, Library, and Mail Center. You can make copies, grab a soda or snack from a vending machine, do your laundry in the residence halls, or make purchases off-campus at designated merchants. All Flexi applicable purchases whether on or off-campus are taxable. Not all Flexi purchases are taxed. Laundry machines and vending machines do not add tax. Flexi Dollars carry over from year to year as long as you are actively enrolled in LMU. The Flexi Dollars program is available to all students, faculty and staff.

LION Dollars

LION Dollars (L, I, O, N Plans) are required for all students living in traditional (non-apartment) residence halls. These plans are California sales-tax exempt, are non-refundable and are purchased at the beginning of the school year. The funds must be used during the LION Plan contract year (August - July). Any remaining balance will be forfeited once the LION Plan contract year expires.  For more info go to: LION Plans


S-Dollars is an auxiliary meal account option open to undergraduate students only. Balances remaining in the S-Dollars account are carried forward from year to year as long as the cardholder is actively enrolled at LMU. Like funds in the LION plans, the money spent from this account is tax-free, but is only good at venues on campus and is non-refundable when the student graduates or leaves the University. If a resident student has one of the L, I, O, N plans, they do not need an S-Dollars account, but they can have both.