Q: What is the OneCard and why should I have one?
A: It's a multi-purpose identification card that accesses all privileges on campus. For students who live on campus, it is used to gain entrance to the residence halls, rooms, as well as accessing meal plans and a variety of other things.

Q: When and where can I get a OneCard and what do I need?
A: After you have registered for classes, stop by our office located in the Von Der Ahe Building, lower level to take a picture for your OneCard. Bring a Photo Id (driver's license, state Id or passport) with you for identity verification purposes.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: If you have never had one before, your first card is free.

Q: Where can I use my OneCard?
A: You can use your card anywhere you see the OneCard Logo (looks like your card). This includes on-campus: Bookstore, Food, Laundry, Library, Residence Halls, some copiers, Vending Machines, Athletic Events and so on. In addition, we have over 30 off-campus merchants that accept the LMU OneCard (but Flexi only - Hey, state law! What can we say)

Q: How do I get a replacement OneCard and is there a fee?
A: Come to our office with a Photo Id (driver's license, state Id or passport) with you for identity verification purposes. It is $15 for lost cards and $15 for damaged cards (you must present the active damaged card). Payment can be made by: Flexi Dollar, Student Account Charge, Check (payable to LMU), Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover) or Cash (exact amount only). Once you have a replacement card made, any prior cards are invalid and cannot be re-activated.

Q: How do I get a temporary OneCard?
A: During normal business hours come to our office located in Von Der Ahe Building, lower level, with a photo ID (driver's license, state Id or passport) for identity verification. A Temp Card will be issued to you and is good through 10 a.m. the next business day. It works the same way as your permanent OneCard. It will allow you to access everything except check out books from the VDA Library. Once the Temp Card expires it is NOT renewable. The temp card must be returned to the OneCard office only.

After hours please go to Public Safety located in Foley Annex across from Jamba Juice.

Q: What is the difference between Flexi, S, and LION dollars?
A: With Flexi you can make transactions in the bookstore, library, and mail center; make copies; grab a soda or snack from a vending machine; do your laundry in the dorms; or make purchases off-campus at designated merchants. All Flexi purchases whether on or off-campus are taxable. Flexi-dollars carry over from year to year as long as you are actively enrolled in LMU. The Flexi program is available to all students, faculty and staff.

LION Dollars (L, I, O, N Plans) are required for all students living in traditional residence halls. These four plans are California sales-tax exempt, are non-refundable and are purchased at the beginning of the school year. Students living in any of the on-campus apartments are also eligible to purchase one of the plans. Each of the L, I, O,N plans has a different buy-in amount and some come with bonus dollars when purchased. Normallly LION plans can be changed only during the third & fourth weeks of the semester in the Student Accounts office in University Hall.

The funds must be used during the academic year. Any remaining balance minus a small percentage, will be removed. The "small percentage" will be placed in the S-Dollar account and will carry over to the next year as long as the student is actively enrolled

S-Dollars is an auxiliary meal account option open to undergraduate students only. Balances remaining in the S-dollar account are carried forward from year to year as long as the cardholder is actively enrolled at LMU. Like funds in the LION plans, the money spent from this account is tax-free, but is only good at venues on campus and is non-refundable. If a resident student has one of the L,I,O,N plans, they do not need an S-dollar account.

Q: Didn't find the answer to your question?
A: Send us your question to our Email.